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We recently completed a number of new installations within the offices of Continental Grains in midtown Manhattan. Working with tight completion schedules, we completed the job "on time". The company moved in immediately on completion and was completely satisfied.

The entrance, as well as the elevator area features beige limestone wall panels. The reception desk uses onyx as well as the kitchen area. The conference room features silver travertin wall panels around a television cutout.


We are putting the finishing touches on a couple's new kitchen. Using Azul Maccubas Granite we bookmatched the deep blue veins as we worked around the kitchen counters and sinks. It has a 1 1/4" demi edge with the backsplash cut down to 3/4" for cleaner lines. Two slabs of the rare granite were used efficently saving the need to go to 3 slabs and keeping costs down. The client is very pleased and has been a pleasure to work with.


We are currently putting the finishing touches on some really cool projects. Kobu Asian Bistro in Mahopac, NY asked us to install a new outside patio bar for them. We used Absolute Black Honed Granite for their almost 50 foot bar/counter.



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